JOB: Asst. Railroad Operations Manager

The North Shore Scenic Railroadis a passenger (tourist) and car storage railroad operating between Duluth and Two Harbors in Northern Minnesota.  It is affiliated with the nonprofit Lake Superior Railroad Museum. The organizations have the following openings; Railroad Operations Manager and Assistant Railroad Operations Manager(s). 
Openings are immediate.  Apply with letter and resume’ to Ken Buehler at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum/North Shore Scenic Railroad – – 506 West Michigan Street, Duluth, MN  55802
LSRM/NSSR are Equal Opportunity Employers

Job Description:

Position Title:  Assistant Railroad Operations Manager

Reports directly to:  Operations Manager

Position type:  Seasonal Full Time – Hourly

Over sees: Volunteer Train Crews

General Description:

Assists in the management of all daily and long term operations of all trains on the North Shore Scenic Railroad (NSSR) and Lake Superior Railroad Museum (LSRM) in a safe, professional and productive manner.

Specific roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Have the highest regard for safety and the willingness to oversee and direct others in unsafe situations
  • Providing a work environment that promotes positive energy and teamwork among employees and volunteers
  • Assisting with the implementation of rules and procedures for employees to follow in accordance with State and Federal Guidelines
  • Handling issues and making effective decisions that will help the organization run efficiently
  • Helping to ensure railroad equipment stays in good working condition
  • Assisting with recruiting, training and overseeing a large pool of volunteers working as train and engine service personnel
  • Managing the movement and use of equipment and materials in and/or out of the train station and onboard trains in accordance with NSSR policy and procedures, as well as complying with relevant Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) requirements
  • Communicate with staff and volunteers as necessary to ensure a safe, efficient and positive experience on the train
  • Assist with the planning and execution of special events as relates to Operations
  • Assist with maintenance schedules, and work with mechanical department to schedule repairs or modification of equipment
  • Assist with the coordination of GCOR/USOR training for all crews and making sure they are up to date with certification.
  • Assist with the updating and maintenance of the Federal Drug and Alcohol Testing Program and other necessary records
  • Work closely with local management from partner railroads (BNSF and CN)


  • Must have a current GCOR and/or USOR certification within the last 3 years
  • Must obtain and maintain a Locomotive Engineer’s License within 1 year of hire
  • Must have at least 2 years of previous railroad experience
  • Supervisory experience a plus
  • Must be able to meet deadlines and follow schedules
  • Must be willing to work non-traditional hours as needed, including weekends and holidays
  • Must have the ability to direct and coach others and work in a team environment
  • Must be able to work in a stressful environment at times
  • Strong verbal, written and communication skills as well as organizational skills
  • Computer and online skills
  • Must obtain and maintain knowledge of CFR Part 49 regulations pertaining to railroad operations
  • This job requires drug and vision prescreening and random DOT drug testing

Fulltime potential – If the applicant has atleast minor shop skills and can perform routine maintenance and restoration (example: painting, repairs) – then there is winter work available. If applicable, this would make the job fulltime and qualify the individual for full company benefits: company sponsored BCBS healthcare and 401K retirement, paid vacation, PTO and sick leave.

Person taking this job will assist in the management of all daily and long-term operations of all trains on the North Shore Scenic Railroad and at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum in a safe, professional, and productive manner.

The job is very rewarding, fun, and there is ample opportunity for growth!

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