Steam Power Excursions with #332

Updated March, 2022:

It’s full steam ahead for DM&IR #332 this year with plans to train the crew, certify the engine, and run excursions to Two Harbors and back on the North Shore Scenic Railroad. The Steam Team is going to be meeting in April-May to work on the engine and start a training program for engineers and firemen. This will be the first major steps towards operating the engine for over two years, as COVID dramatically slowed progress on maintenance and crew training/certification to operate the 116 year old locomotive.

Last fall (2021) the engine passed its Federal Railroad Administration hydro test. All that remains for certification this year is to fire up the engine for final FRA approval. That will probably happen before Memorial Day. Then there will be several training runs and a schedule of excursion in late summer and fall announced after that.

People willing to help and join the crew, can contact Ken Buehler, ( Executive Director of the Lake Superior Railroad Museum.  Donations to help fuel up the #332, and make other repairs, can be sent to the Museum by clicking here.

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Experience the power of steam, with locomotive #332 leading the charge while you will ride behind this historic engine chugging its way up the Lakefront Line and back. This year’s steam schedule is limited to only a few special days, which will fill up, and reservations are strongly recommended in advance.

Steam Schedule COMING SOON

  • Dates still be announced. It will likely operate as the Two Harbors train in August, September, or October.

Departure time for this excursion is approximately 10am, following the same schedule as the standard Two Harbors excursion, only it leaves Duluth one-hour earlier. On steam operating dates, the Lake Superior Railroad Museum will open one-hour earlier than normal, at 8am for passengers to checkin and explore the museum prior to departure. Museum admission is included on the excursion date for all passengers.

The Two Harbors train excursion is subject to delays to due Canadian National Railway (CN) freight traffic. Please consider this when making plans for after the train ride. Delays are rare, but can be an hour or more. 

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest of the #28/#332 Steam Locomotive program. The Lake Superior Railroad Museum, is a non-profit organization, and has committed to steam operations as part of its mission to preserve, present, and interpret the history of railroading, especially as it relates to our area. 

Tickets On Sale Soon!

History of the locomotive:

The #332 locomotive was built by the Pittsburgh Locomotive Works in 1906 for the Duluth, Missabe and Northern. A typical drag freight consolidation type engine of the early 1900s, she weighs in at 102 tons (172 tons with tender loaded). The capacity of the tender is 8,000 gallons of water and 12 tons of coal.

No. 332 was sold to the Duluth & North Eastern in 1955, and got its #28 numbering and was used to haul logs, lumber products and some general freight. It worked in this service until 1964 and was last under steam in 1965. The D&NE restored and donated the locomotive to the Museum in 1974.

In the Fall of 2013, a restoration project began to bring the engine back to operating condition. It operated for the first time in 2017 on the North Shore Scenic Railroad as #28, and was renumbered/painted to be its original #332 for the 2019 season.