Support Projects at the
North Shore Scenic Railroad & Lake Superior Railroad Museum

The Lake Superior Railroad Museum has over 30 designated accounts which allow us to set aside funds to be used for specific projects and care for specific artifacts. You can contribute to your favorite project and be assured that your donation will support the specific item you want to support. Some of the more current projects are listed above, with online donation options, but some of our more rare, or “back burner” projects are in list-form below. Thank you for your ongoing support of the Lake Superior Railroad Museum.

See Projects to Contribute To

Some of the most current projects are listed here. Alternatively, you can also contribute to the general Shop Fund, which supports the Museum’s Draper Maintenance Facility where most restoration projects and repairs are done. These funds are often used for specific projects, but can also be used to buy tools and other equipment for the shop.

Featured Projects

The Lake Superior Railroad Museum owns & operates the North Shore Scenic Railroad to help fullfill the museums mission to: preserve, interpret, and present to the public, the history of railroading, especially as it relates to the area. Both are non-profit 501C3 organizations, and all contributions are fully tax deductible. Any proceeds left in designated accounts remain in those accounts to support the project or artifact they are associated with.

General Donation

Additional designated accounts have been setup or the items listed below. If you are interested in contributing funds for one of these project/artifacts. Contact the museum at 218-733-7502 or email

  • Car Northland
  • Restoring the MNS #11 (H-10-44) – Click here
  • Dining Car #1250 Lake of the Isles
  • Great Northern General
  • Interpretive Exhibits
  • Library / Archives
  • Car Missabe
  • Museum Signage
  • Northern Pacific SD45, #3617 – Click here
  • Artifact Purchases
  • Rainier Club Car
  • Soo Line Diesel FP7, #2500
  • Steam Locomotive #14
  • Steam Locomotive #2435
  • CB&Q Dome Car #250 Silver Club
  • Zelda Theater
  • Locomotive MNS #11 – Click Here
  • GN Baggage Car #257
  • Steam Locomotive #28/#332 – Click Here
  • DM&IR Coach/Combine W24
  • Erie Baldwin #403 / #7243
  • NP Coach #517 – Major restoration done in 2020
  • Scottish Thistle Business/Obs Car
  • DM&IR History Gallery / Car 19 – Click Here
  • DM&IR Coach #33
  • DM&IR History General
  • DM&IR SD45 Locomotive, #193
  • Power Generator / HEP Fund
  • Draper Maintenance Shop Fund
  • Copper Range Baldwin #200
  • DSS&A Alco #101
  • Seacrest Model Fund